Confections You'll Love

Holiday Gift Basket - Small
$98.00 Holiday Gift Basket - Small
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Chocolate Covered Matzoh
$24.50 Chocolate Covered Matzoh
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Gift Box Asst - 24pc
$47.00 Gift Box Asst - 24pc
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Peppermint Bark
$14.50 Peppermint Bark
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Bittersweet Truffles
$24.00 Bittersweet Truffles
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Gift Box Asst - 12pc
$25.00 Gift Box Asst - 12pc
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Peppermint Bark Gift Box
$35.00 Peppermint Bark Gift Box
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Tower of Chocolate
$80.00 Tower of Chocolate
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Holiday Gift Basket - Large
$150.00 Holiday Gift Basket - Large
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Wine & Spirits - 12pc
$25.00 Wine & Spirits - 12pc
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Brandied Cherries - 8pc
$18.00 Brandied Cherries - 8pc
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Sonoma Brut Truffles
$24.00 Sonoma Brut Truffles
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- Custom Confections -

Create the perfect chocolate for any occasion.


Customize your unique flavor infused chocolates.


Create your own custom transfered images.


Design your packaging to match your color scheme.

- Chocolate Experiences -

Make any event extra special.