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Original Post Date: 0/2/2008 

Well, it has been a while since my last post…hmm, why do I feel like am a church confession? I do have a good reason-we have been doing lots of special events-ChicagoSan Francisco (Crushpad) and the latest New York City. The event in Manhattan was for an organization called City Harvest. Below is a summary of the event and as you can imagine that the chocolate flew out the door, especially since we were only one of three chocolate makers at the event.

City Harvest, a non-profit that delivers food to hungry New Yorkers, raised enormous awareness last night during an extremely chic event called Focus: An auction of the finest photography, with special food tastings prepared by many well known chefs from restaurants like Le Bernardin, Victor’s Cafe, and South Gate to name a few. The lobster from Eric Ripert Le Bernardin was out of this world!

There were also special musical performances by the Kevin Bacon’s band, the Bacon Brothers, and the Cringe Band, led by John Cusimano, Rachael Ray’s husband. Both groups put on spectacular performances that had the room rocking.

The event had a silent auction of some of the finest photography donated by some of the world’s most famous photographers;along with jewelry from Judith Ripka which raised much needed funds to help feed the city’s needy. Other sponsors of the evening were FUJIFILM, Interview Magazine, Gotham Magazine,Diageo, and super sweet chocolates from Coco Delice  and Marti Chocolatt.

Rachael Ray, one of the bidders of the live auction, bought a Rolling Stones picture of Mick Jagger singing Jumping Jack Flash which sold for $10K. Rachael, who also sits on City Harvest’s board of directors, reminded the nearly 800 guests how we need to help support this important, 25 year old organization and make sure the region’s needy are not forgotten.

On an eco-friendly point, by the end of 2009 City Harvest will convert their trucks to be hybrid — which should help reduce emissions by 40 percent. City Harvest also uses pedi-cabs to transport food around Manhattan.

The event was produced by Bradford RandCEO of Go Green Expo in association with Timothy White, and a world renowned photographer who also sits on the board of City Harvest.

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