About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission at Coco Délice is to create extraordinary chocolates, in both flavor and appearance, while maintaining a balance between our business, our community and the environment. Our attention to all these details is for one reason only – to make life a little sweeter.

Our Chocolate

Our Chocolates are made with a French influence in both flavor and appearance; they are darker and less sweet than many American-made chocolates and they possess an intensity in flavor without being overwhelming in size. Additionally, our chocolates are produced by hand, in small quantities, using premium European chocolate and only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients. And yes, all of our products are gluten-free (with exception to our beer chocolates).

We work carefully to achieve the proper balance of flavor between our delicate chocolate interiors (ganaches) and our chocolate coatings. This attention to detail results in ganaches that are enhanced by the outer layer of chocolate rather than overwhelmed by it. In addition, our chocolates contain no vegetable oils or stabilizers (as are commonly added to mass-produced chocolates to prolong their shelf life).

Chef Dennis

Balancing Business & The Environment

Balancing Business & The Environment is a priority for Coco Délice. In doing so, we are committed to using local resources and implementing conservation measures in all areas of our business. For example, some of our ingredients are purchased directly from the growers/producers. The locally produced cream and butter used in our ganaches contains no additives and is certified free of rBST (the synthetic bovine growth hormone). Additionally, most of the wines used in our chocolates are sourced from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Our gift boxes are made in the SF Bay Area with partially recycled materials. The Thai paper used to accent the interior of our gift boxes is produced from kozo fiber (mulberry), which is grown as a farm crop in Asia. Because it regenerates annually, no forests are depleted in the production process. Our product inserts describing our various chocolates are printed on 50-percent recycled paper (20-percent post-consumer waste).

Coco Délice is passionate about chocolate and we take great pride in the products we create and the manner in which we create them.

  • Our chocolate boxes are produced in California vs. overseas to reduce energy consumption.
  • The Thai paper used to accent the interior of our gift boxes is produced from kozo fiber (mulberry), which is grown as an annual farm crop in Asia.
  • We use no excess packaging (e.g. false bottoms, plastic trays) in our chocolate boxes.
  • We purchase only vegetable starch based packing peanuts that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Approximately 97% of all lighting in our production facility is from compact florescent bulbs.
  • All paper towel products are made from 100% recycled content.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to the extent possible.